pastedgraphic-2020-06-15-18-30.jpgParadigms are full of shift. – Vjeko Sager

Our epoch is ending with an epic series of disasters ranging from climatic, epidemic and economic collapses. In historic terms there are no ends, but only a turning points and new beginnings. We are offered to enjoy the Anthropocene, an age considered a result and culmination of humanistic doctrine.

Same as victims of fashion who are unaware of being victims, we are unaware of consequences which are result of humanistic ideas: progress, evolution, innovation, to name few. Unawareness and disbelief are result of indoctrination, which lasted since the Renaissance. We were always told to believe in ourselves and other fellow humans and one may ask how come we ended “here and now” stripped of dignity, power and confidence?

In times of transition it is an imperative to be reminded the Universe exists without our involvement and it cannot care less for some creatures which claim to be Godlike. If ants were more inclined to philosophy, they would be puzzled to notice we claim the power to change the planet. Despite ants’ bewilder, Ant(h)ropocene admirers are strongly convinced they are placed slightly above God and therefore immaculate in their convictions. Did I mention fashion victims are unaware of being victims?

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